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UPDATE: 80% f-locked, mainly due to many personal posts. Please let me know through comments/PM, if you'd like to be added. :)

(This is a mirror journal of my LJ account.)


67 - 42 + bananas.

Has googly-eyes for: Asian cinema, illustration and storytelling. Polaroid cameras and that picture of my cat that I took. Tragic stories about pretty characters. Playing piano and being melodramatic about life in general. Good cheesecake.
Likely causes of death: Bad cheesecake. SPIDERSOMFGTHEDEVILSPAWN!!1!

A little note: This journal is mainly a random spattering of my artwork and photos, because I'm lazy that way. All pictures can be found listed on the tags page. Use this knowledge wisely, good stranger.

Also, you're welcome to comment on any post, any time! I will do my best to reply to all comments. :) (If I have missed your comment, I apologize. I was most likely pulled into a vortex of confusion and then emerged through a portal into an ancient ice-cream parlor and I'm now on my quest to find my way back to the 21st century. If I had not been fighting my way through time and space, I would have most definitely sent a barrage of adoring words your way. ^_^)


ANOTHER NOTE (because sometimes you gotta lay down the rules...): Feel free to link to the pictures on this LJ, if you credit me. But PLEASE DO NOT re-post/archive/use my artwork or photos anywhere else!! They're my babies and I'd like to keep them under my watchful eye for as long as I can. But of course, if you have any requests/questions and ask nicely, you will very likely receive an answer in the affirmative. :D
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